Category: Rock

Rock Music Crown is Music Crowns rock music category award suitable for you if your music falls into the following categories: rock, soft rock, soulful rock, heavy rock, blues, heavy metal, death metal , nu metal, gothic, emo, country rock, pop rock, alternative and more. Our judges this year were Skin, Jon Morter, Jeremy Glover and Adam Ficek. Our final ten for 2011 were The Fallen Drakes, The Suburbians, Amoriste, The Ratells, Alvarez Kings, Stealing Signs, My Forever, Munkinpure, George & The Islanders and DeepSeaGreen. Our 2011 winners were My Forever from Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Corners of the Earth

Corners of the earthy have unforgettable melodies, tons of groove, overwhelming power of the brass section, rich choirs, songs that will make you dance and songs that you will just want to sit back and listen to. Described as ska/western/rock…

The Black Isle

The Black Isle is a female fronted 4 piece grunge band. Formed in 2013, The Black Isle hails from the depths of West Yorkshire, England. Emerging from the student squalor of Hyde Park, Leeds, four individuals seek to subvert the sound of popular…

Machine People

Blending classic alternative rock templates with electronic and progressive elements you get Machine People. Created in January 2013 they have been finding their musical feet through gigging, writing and recording to arrive as an emotive, desert-scorched alternative rock 4 piece band,…

The Dusk Run

The Dusk Run is an alternative folk-rock band from Newcastle, created by musician Peter Caisley. The band emerged as Caisley drew together a collective of musicians to record an album during his music Masters Degree, at Newcastle University in 2012.As…

Archie Sylvester – A Letter

Archie Sylvester is a young guitar virtuoso hailing from the cider pressing villages of Somerset. He uses his unorthodox guitar techniques and compelling voice to create a passionate and vibrant blues sound. Archie has done a sold out tour of…

The Shermans

The Shermans are an alternative-rock / indie band from Essex. They are currently gigging and writing their own material. Give it a listen and give it a like, tell as many people as you can and share their music! Twitter: Facebook: SoundCloud:

The Hivemind

The Hivemind are a 4 piece folk punk rock band from Derby consisting of vocals, accordion, acoustic guitar, mandolin and percussion. Check out their single Three Simple Words. 

Wolfetone – Tanks

Wolfetone is a four piece rock/alternative band from the midlands. Combining heavy rock riffs with melodic three part harmonies they create a sound explosion like no other. Have a listen to their single Tanks. Facebook - Sound cloud -

One Man Band Conal Kelly

At the age of 17 Conal Kelly managed to become a one man band, inspired by his uncle from the band Marillion. He stared by learning the guitar at the age of 7, and at the age of 11 he…