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Shackleton Set to Take The World by Storm

The incredible debut album out on August 8th   The Shackleton Experience is the brain child of Minnesota native Karl Schmaltz. Karl, a 19-year old musician is the sole contributor to this project and it is a testament to his…

rumboy stage promo

Elusive Songsmith Rumboy Delivers Pop Excellence

Single released on August 17th followed by the EP on August 31st Rumboy is an exciting new concept from soft spoken troubadour Jay Thackery. Rumboy explores all the essential elements of pop rock, and subverts and presents something new, fresh…


CoffeePot Drive offer bespoke rock thrills certain to impress

Electrifying single “Hey Suzy!” out on August 17th followed by incredible debut full length “Edge of Town” available from August 31st   They say practice makes perfect and this is most definitely the case with Croydon’s latest jangly, blues-fuelled rock…


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Across The Board

Across The Board are a Toronto-based band of multi-instrumental troubadours and musical afficionados who cover, originate, create and re-create musical projects for your listening enjoyment! The band was founded December 2012 in Toronto, Ontario with their first release on iTunes…

Kendall Lake – Hollow

Singer/songwriter Kendall Lake merges her love of rock with a hip hop undertone to create Hollow, a break up love song everyone can relate to. Only being in the music industry a few short years she has toured Morocco, London, Vegas…