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Rock Music Crown is Music Crowns rock music category award suitable for you if your music falls into the following categories: rock, soft rock, soulful rock, heavy rock, blues, heavy metal, death metal , nu metal, gothic, emo, country rock, pop rock, alternative and more. Our judges this year were Skin, Jon Morter, Jeremy Glover and Adam Ficek. Our final ten for 2011 were The Fallen Drakes, The Suburbians, Amoriste, The Ratells, Alvarez Kings, Stealing Signs, My Forever, Munkinpure, George & The Islanders and DeepSeaGreen. Our 2011 winners were My Forever from Thirsk, North Yorkshire.


Swamp Music

Omni-Genre Bass Music forged from the mud of the Swamp Gods Swamp Music are an Omni-Genre Music Label Southern U.S.A. Twitter: Website:

In The Verse – Disaster

Check out In The Verse. This is for their campaign to raise funds for their new single “Hostage.” Vocals by: Noah Hulbert Screams by: Noah Hulbert and David Hanson Guitars by: David Hanson, Christian Seibert, Ryan Oliver and Noah Hulbert…

Welter – Come to Love You

The Band is called Welter from Sydney Australia, its acoustic pop/rock. Website: Twitter:

Eclipses For Eyes – Sharks (drum cover)

This is Eric Champlin from San Jose, California.  Eric’s dream is to be able to write, record, and distribute original, empathetic-like music for broken listeners to be inspired by.  His dream is to own his own record label company some…

Pablo Mono – Never Satisfied

The new project of Pablo Mono gives insights in a world where emotions flow freely. Where thoughts, inspiration and life changing events are interwoven with truthful tunes. Bundled under title “The X in LXFE” Pablo Mono brings a set of…

Resolution Artwork

Red Seas Fire Set For ‘Resolution’

-PROGRESSIVE WEST-COUNTRY METAL CREW RESOLVE THEIR AMBITIOUS TRYPTICH WITH APLOMB -STREAM LEAD SINGLE ‘BLOOD BANK’ NOW “Our initial aim really was to release an album’s worth of material, split across 3 E.Ps, and over the space of one year,” states…

Mick Lindsay

Mick Lindsay, Australian Country Rock Artist

Anyone with a sharp eye for talent has their sights firmly fixed ‘Mick Lindsay’. Keen instincts, distinctive vocals and high energy guitar wizardry make this singer/songwriter a powerhouse set to imprint the music industry. Mick`s music reflects a fresh unseen…