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Rock Music Crown is Music Crowns rock music category award suitable for you if your music falls into the following categories: rock, soft rock, soulful rock, heavy rock, blues, heavy metal, death metal , nu metal, gothic, emo, country rock, pop rock, alternative and more. Our judges this year were Skin, Jon Morter, Jeremy Glover and Adam Ficek. Our final ten for 2011 were The Fallen Drakes, The Suburbians, Amoriste, The Ratells, Alvarez Kings, Stealing Signs, My Forever, Munkinpure, George & The Islanders and DeepSeaGreen. Our 2011 winners were My Forever from Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Hey Hey – Hyperreal

Introducing Hey Hey,  a German Indie-rock / pop band from Aachen/Cologne. Their new EP will be released in early June. Check out their website for all the latest news, videos, songs, pics and more information on upcoming shows and events, also give them a…

Michael Blu – Mr. Spaceman

Michael Blu is a Alternative Indie-Pop Rock Musician from Austin, Tx and he has recently released a new album Mr. Spaceman – the track of the same name grips our attention with beautiful vocals and a mesmerizing melody. Website – Facebook –…

Seldom – Plastic Idols

Seldom are a Hard / Alternative Rock band from Houston, Texas iTunes link – Website – Facebook – Twitter –

Zufo – Alternative Rock from Canada

Zufo taught himself to play by ear – by listening to his favourite songs, that he loved so much that they would play in his head and in this way he started to learn the fabric of melodies and grooves. Everyone says…