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Urban Music Crown is Music Crowns urban music category award suitable for you if your music falls into the following categories: rap, hip hop, grime, r n’ b, soul, funk, blues, jazz, gospel, bhangra, dubstep, alternative and more. Our judges for 2011 were Jamal Edwards, Levi Roots, Justice Williams MBE and Ras Kwame! Our final ten for 2011 were Hazard City, The E-Laborators, Sir Mic, Remo Skilla, Marika Diamond, JSB, Clapz, Dretonio, E.Entsir & Adian Coker. Our winner for 2011 was Clapz Shizzayne from South London.


Skylab – For The Ones Gone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 26, 2014 – Amsterdam, Netherlands: – SKYLAB arouses a feeling to discover new places, new friends, wherever and whatever they may be. In collaboration with the Delft Tech university, they managed to manipulate sound waves from…

Teah Philani – Sway (Ah Shucks) ft. Candy Girl

The Hip Hop Megatron! 

Teah Philani born Teah Meade is a native of Pittsburgh, PA.( The Steel City) which is also home to Superstars Wiz Khalifah and Mac Miller. Teah is known to have earned not only street credit but…


The Breed – “Last of a Dying Breed” Mixtape

It’s hard to pin-point THE BREED’s starting point with exact precision, what’s easier to do is predict their destination with 100% accuracy. On a journey certain to be riddled with successful en route milestones, New York City’s newest collective of…


The Queen of Fruits, Aixelie

Aixelie is a rare kind of artist, with her soft and distinctive voice that has a sweet and warm tone. She is often described by her fans as the Queen of Fruits. She creates a unique sound in her single…

Carlon – Jordan

Carlon aka CK is a Hip Hop artist from Toledo, OH, USA and this is his single ‘Jordan’. Facebook: Twitter: @carlonkareem YouTube:


Lombardo was born Michael Lombardo in Seattle, Washington. Italian/Argentinian American family, his dreams of becoming a singer one day were not far from the horizon. As he grew older, Lombardo always knew music was his passion. Drawing influence from various…