Declan McKenna drops new track ‘The Kids Don’t Want To Come Home’

It’s safe to say that at the tender age of 17, there’s no subject too controversial Declan McKenna can’t tackle. His first foray ‘Paracetamol’ challenges the media’s discrimination and misrepresentation of the transgender community, while ‘Isombard’ criticises a right-wing TV presenter for trying to justify issues such as police brutality and xenophobia. Break-through hit ‘Brazil’ calls out FIFA for ignoring poverty issues when choosing Brazil to host the 2014 World Cup.

Now, McKenna puts his worldly concern on the backburner and addresses issues a little closer to home. On ‘The Kids Don’t Want To Come Home’ the guitar-wielding singer declares his faith in today’s youth and raises a middle finger to the ignorant older generation.
Throughout the song Declan cleverly swings between the two extreme attitudes of today’s youth. The meandering open gambit presents the lazy indifference his fellow youths are capable of: “I don’t know what I want. I guess I could start a war, I guess I could sleep on it,” McKenna ponders. But listen carefully and underneath you’ll hear the sound of dischord striking every so often, a sound which ushers in the opposing attitude: the fighting spirit and awareness that the youth have to their advantage. In the end, the message is loud and clear: the next generation are clever enough to see through the bullshit they’re fed. Watch out world, Declan McKenna might be on your case next.

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