Alternative hip-hop duo Hippie Tribe release anthemic new project ‘Gullah Punk: Mod 1’

Alternative hip hop two-piece Hippie Tribe consisting of dp.thuH and blond.bomber go stratospheric with their new ethereal project ‘Gullah Punk: mod 1’ which is surely set to see them gain widespread acclaim.

Vibrantly original and untethered to a specific genre, Hippie Tribe’s latest Gullah Punk: mod 1, consists of two blood bubbling, punk-rap-Afro-Cubano fused anthems, Billie Dream and S A N T A N A. The first tantalizing capsule of the next musical experience from Hippie Tribe.

The goal for the project and accompanying events is two-fold; “We love music and the arts, so if our presence and efforts allow kids to discover a new passion, or encourage others in the community to pursue theirs, perfect. The second piece is probably the most important – we want to unlock and ignite a new mindset in our people that together, we have the tools necessary to rewrite our fate. Our philosophy is simple – Kill your demons – In order to circumvent the ploys and traps, we must recognize and understand our demons’ ways.”