Taper Boy & Trap B

Taper Boy and Trap B have come together to deliver a magnificent out of the ordinary sound color album. 5 Stars given for (Creativity). Album dedicated to the City of Dallas and the Dallas Records Family, the album was released on August 26th, 2016.

We’ve decided to capture this album by simply reflecting and speaking the truth. Hopefully the achievement of this album can help bridge the gaps for the recent incidents been put forth as of late. Such things like crime/drugs/police brutality/politics/failing economies/wars/money/inequalities so forth have shown the other side of how in-human and uncompassionate we can be.

Lets not smear the reality and preach the good and perfect life, but instead lets teach the difficulty and the challenges that lay ahead. I hope that this album can awaken the spiritual side of things and send a message to our younger generation. There is truth in “Only because you inherit the earth doesn’t mean you have to be a part of it.

In this album we go over everything that could possibly destroy our communities yet instead we’ve choose an alternate route..We go on to explain the only way we know how to?

“Rapping About It”

Website – https://www.therealdevinerecords.weebly.com