Country newcomer Trevor Martin releases heartfelt new single “Wife You Up”

Trevor Martin’s latest single “Wife You Up” is an instant country-pop classic with lyrics that’ll have your significant other begging you to get down on one knee. The song’s endearing lyrics, vivid storytelling, along with Martin’s rich vocals create a musical masterpiece.

The inspiration behind “Wife You Up” will have you swooning: This song is really just about loving someone so much and seeing a future with them.  In this song, the singer never actually takes actions on “Wifing Her Up,” but is thinking about all the amazing things that she does to support and love him.  My main goal for this song was to have it be used for big life moments like a wedding or a proposal, and even before its release I have already played it for a couple’s first dance at their wedding, so that was so cool for me,” Trevor explains.

Trevor Martin is a rising crossover country artist from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Trevor is working to create his own sound in the music world. As a songwriter, he aspires to bring new fresh ideas that make you sing along, and as a performer wants to give an amazing live music experience.

Martin opens up about his experience releasing original music by saying, “Releasing music has been so fun.  I am really discovering my sound and figuring out what I want to say through my music.  I try to blend all of my musical influences like John Mayer, Brett Young, and Dan + Shay with what music is in my brain, and heart.  This is my 4th release since May of 2020, and I feel like I am becoming more comfortable with each song!”

“Wife You Up” is Trevor Martin’s fourth single, following his other releases “Go-To,” “Calling It Friends,” and “Just Like That.”

How the song came to be was very natural according to Martin, “This song is one that just “happened.”  I wrote this with Spencer Crandall and it just came from casually talking.  We were talking about our songwriting processes and cool phrases people are saying nowadays when we realized that we both had this idea in our “Songwriting Ideas” notes in our phones. The song came out easily and we knew we had a new, fresh hook.”

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