common goldfish releases psych-rock anthem ‘I Don’t Feel Today’

common goldfish channels the psychedelia of the 60s with ‘I Don’t Feel Today’, with a tinge of 90s Britpop and his own contemporary spin. Using a downbeat soundscape to encourage exploration of how we can create a renewed sense of community, the Tottenham based artist talks of disillusion and disconnect with a refreshing authenticity.

Discussing the track further, common goldfish shares:

“I felt the song’s theme just seemed to compliment the song’s driving breakbeat and gritty base line. There’s a couple of release points in the track, when the stab synth comes in, which gives the sense of being pushed to breaking point with something that’s been bottled up for so long.”

Released through Three Sign Records, common goldfish has already received praise from notable UK publications, and his upward trajectory is set to continue.