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Dan D’Lion drops debut single ‘Give What You Take’

‘Give What You Take’ is the debut offering from Dan D’Lion, aka Dan Bartlett.

The sonorous tune is bursting with electro-funk instrumentation, colliding with D’Lion’s chiming falsetto.

The track, which has been self-produced, captures juxtaposing personality aspects and the grey area between introvert and extrovert, all within a sensuous alt-pop beat – check out the track below.

D’Lion, who previously worked in the production and writing side of music, said of the track: “This was the first track I wrote for myself where everything started to make sense. As it all came together it felt like a real turning point, and the lyrics actually ended up becoming motivational to myself in a way, taking away the daunting aspect of crafting something for myself.”

Madeleine Dunne

While studying multimedia journalism at Glasgow Caledonian University, Madeleine began writing for several publications including Transistor, Vegan Connections, and GigSlutz. In 2018, she became the music editor for Vegan Connections before joining the Music Crowns team as a staff writer and digital assistant. @kohlgrrl

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