Daya releases stunning single ‘Love You When You’re Gone’

“Love You When You’re Gone” is the first single off of Daya’s recently announced upcoming EP, which is due out next month in late September. The heartbreaking and relatable song comes paired with a well put together music video that will pull you in and leave you wanting more.

When asked about the single, Daya stated: “’Love You When You’re Gone’ was written in a period of time when I was experiencing overwhelming feelings of loneliness and nostalgia,” says Daya about today’s release. “I found myself romanticizing a past relationship in a way that was almost willfully forgetting the reality of why it didn’t work out in the end. I realized part of the reason I was holding on to the relationship for so long was because I was scared to face who I’d be and what my life would be like without it, and so it’s about trying to let all that go and give myself the space and freedom to grow on my own.”

More recently, Daya has announced a headlining tour that starts in October. Lots of exciting movement in action for this soon-to-be household name for the remainder of the year, so keep your eyes on her!