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Future Trunkz releases new music project: “XY-X100” EP

Future Trunkz fuses pop, trap and experimental sounds, to create a sound that’s truly his own. The US artist draws from universal themes, and produces music that defies categorisation. Blending trap and hip-hop with new emotion, Future Trunkz has unveiled his latest EP.

The five-track collection ‘XY-X100′, veers between explorative atmospherics, and playful melodicism, while remaining expressive throughout.

“I wanted to make a balanced project that is eclectic, fun and fancy. I want to bring happy vibes to the scene.” – Future Trunkz on his latest EP

Future Trunkz’s latest EP is a marked progression for the artist. He “levels up” both personally and artistically in the project, sharing “XY-X100” as a mission statement.

Kicking off with the abstract sounds of ‘Intro’, Future Trunkz makes it known that he’s unafraid to explore experimental territory.

‘Havin’ brings the listener back to earth. Personal struggle and poignant realisation inspired this heartfelt banger. The track neatly captures the vibe of positivity that permeates the EP.

Built on a melancholic guitar sample, ‘Cash Out’ slows things down for a mid-tempo burner that Future Trunkz describes as “for flexers and high-end shoppers”, before the vibes of ‘Dreamin’ up the tempo. Closing out the EP with ‘So Young’, Future Trunkz proves himself as one of pop’s most versatile artists. The project sees him expressing his dreams through music, while fulfilling them at the same time.

“This project was pieced together over time. The world loves a love story, so I wanted to show it through avatars. The New World and XY-X100 are name changes and my way of me levelling up to a higher me.” – Future Trunkz on his latest EP

“XY-X100” is out now on all streaming platforms!

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