Good Rzn share their shimmering sophomore single ‘Rebound’

It’s difficult to believe that LA-based alt-pop duo Good Rzn are so new to the scene when their sound breaks into sonic territories that some artists take years to achieve. ‘Rebound’ is a track that can appeal to indie fans and pop lovers alike with jangly guitar, laidback vocals, fierce synth melodies and a heavy bass.

Discussing the new track, Good Rzn share: “Rebound was written about bouncing back from hard times and embracing the struggles of life with positivity. The song was inspired by flowers blooming through cracks in sidewalks where they shouldn’t be able to grow. Recognizing the beauty within the ordinary is a core theme in the lyrics of ‘Rebound’.”

Consisting of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini, Good Rzn are quickly proving that they’re a name worth keeping on your radar.

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