GunFight returns with exciting new bass gem ‘To The Moon’

US-based producer GunFight has been taking over bass music one single at a time over the past year, consistently showcasing his knack for creating diverse bass gems, from dubstep and drum & bass to electro house and techno. Doing so, he has managed to amass a loyal following around the world, receive praise from some of the most acclaimed digital publications, and set himself up for a long and fruitful career.

GunFight’s latest single comes in the form of “To The Moon,” a lighthearted play on the popular phrase among the crypto community, and is released alongside his second NFT. “To The Moon” might be one of his most lively and uplifting singles to date. Starting off with infectious melodies and atmospheres, the single slowly builds up into a club-ready house climax, drops down to a mid-tempo bass section, and then finally returns into high-bpm destruction, perfectly showcasing GunFight’s unmatched skills and creativity.