‘How Did We Get Here’ features vibrant vocals from Demi Jordanae and melodies that are guaranteed to captivate

Demi Jordanae possesses artistry that reflects the versatility in her sound and style whilst demonstrating her smooth ethereal vocals, as showcased in her recent EP ‘How Did We Get Here’.

The ‘How Did We Get Here’ EP features soulful and vibrant vocals from Demi Jordanae with each track delivering unique melodies that never fail to captivate.

Each song has a different mood, emotion, sound and style, so it is evident why the EP ends with ‘How Did We Get Here’.

Demi explains how she “had no narrative or idea whatsoever for the EP. I was just creating and writing about anything I felt. I don’t write from personal experience but from imagination. I get inside a character’s mind with lyrical places that can resonate or relate with other people’s life experiences.”