Lauren Alex Hooper opens up in ‘Honest’

Brighton hailing singer-songwriter Lauren Alex Hooper impresses with her sparkling new release ‘Honest’. Being the title track and final single from her ‘Honest EP’, the song is wonderfully authentic and raw. Unafraid to open up, Lauren’s introspective lyrics and dreamy vocal tone is coated on top of spirited instrumentals, making for the perfect soft-rock record. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Lauren said: “It’s a celebration of the honesty of the previous four songs and of being honest and authentic about who you are, even and especially when it’s hard. It’s vulnerable and frightening and sometimes clumsy but it’s empowering too. There’s a relief to being exactly who you are.”

Her 2018 debut single, ‘Invisible’ received a notably positive reaction, with all the song’s proceeds being donated to mental health charity Young Minds. The multi-talented singer-songwriter strives to create genre-less music that “puts the really hard stuff into words”. 

Drawing inspiration from a range of artists including Halsey, Lauren Aquilina, and Taylor Swift, Lauren Alex Hooper has formed her own glowing brand of pop. Creating a vulnerable and honest narrative throughout her new single, she continues to elevate her artistry with each release, and her future projects are ones to keep an eye out for.