Leon Seti shares ethereal and experimental single ‘Lullaby’

Leon Seti is an artist who likes to look beyond just the music. A highly experimental singer-songwriter, Seti delves into the electronic, pop and alternative spheres and creates a world of his own for you to step into with an effortless ease. He releases his new album ‘Grimoire’ today, with lead single ‘Lullaby’ presenting as the catalyst for Leon’s second body of work.

Deeply resonating and emotional, ‘Lullaby’ is a song about a family feud, channeled and portrayed in such a beautiful way. Pounding synths, Leon’s delicately soft, yet commanding vocals and the minimalistic production makes for a captivating listen that truly transcends beyond the norm.

“I wrote the lyrics about a fight I had with my sister,” says Leon. “With my producer, Pancratio, we turned it into a powerful statement about feeling like you’re not being listened to, about feeling powerlessThe final line “you’ll never say sorry/and that’s fine/ I guess” captures a hope that sometimes is hard to put into words.”

Stream ‘Lullaby’ now: