LOR shines on brand new track ‘SIP’

Toronto hailing singer-songwriter LOR has burst back on the scene with a gorgeous, sincere gem ‘SIP’. Showcasing her crystal clear vocals to the best of their ability, ‘SIP’ makes for a triumphant return for the artist, and cements her as one to watch amongst the Canadian music scene and beyond. 

The talent reveals: “Sip is an emotional diary entry from a time where my head and heart felt ravaged. It’s about the sort of ‘crazy’ another person can swindle you into feeling – the madness starts to seep into your being. It becomes a sick, fun game you can’t stop playing.”

Delving into her past and really letting her fans in, LOR is unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, and it is this authenticity that makes her destined for big things. Blending an array of Dark Pop, Folk, and R&B sounds, LOR has nestled into her own unique style of music that qualifies as unmissable. Be sure to check out ‘SIP’ and keep your eye on what LOR returns with next.