MidSõlis releases debut single ‘Echo’

MidSõlis is the multi genre project from the UK fronted by Oscar Hogg Gomez.

His debut single ‘Echo’ was born from a sporadic writing session and tells an intimate, yet relatable story of unrequited love.

From the first few words to the instrumental outro, it presents the narrator as one of two main characters in a story that is told through his eyes only.

As a result, the promotional material is the visual representation of the lyrics and sound. It shows how the fracture came to happen in a way that is only inferred in the lyrics.

‘Echo’ in Oscar’s own words “is the first song that feels unique from everything else I’ve written. Normally, my writing style is more direct, but ‘Echo’ is full of metaphors and symbolism which adds to the atmosphere of the song. It is the moulding of sound from bands I’ve listened to for years like Led Zeppelin, Wolfsuka and The Strokes, but contextualising it into the soundscape my life and experiences.”

This is the first of a group of singles released for MidSõlis’s debut LP ‘The Millennial Collection’.

Ivor Novello award winning songwriter Tim Hawes described it as “A really good piece to debut”.