Our Violet Room Releases Tender Music Video For ‘Secrets’

Creatively depicting love in its simplistic form, the ‘Secrets’ music video serves as a glimpse into the relationship Our Violet Room sings evocatively about. 

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Our Violet Room – aka Matthew Birch – recently released the music video to pair with his tender track, ‘Secrets.’ The song, which is fresh off of Birch’s debut album Not Where I Thought I’d Be, shares the story of lovers just beginning the flicker of their relationship. Singing about sharing secrets only the two know about each other and deepening their connection, Birch alongside New Zealand pop artist Estella Dawn harmonize with delicate yet stirring emotion. To complement the song, director Cole Naylor found a cinematic way to emphasize the beautiful simplicity of those ordinary moments in a relationship. Leaning into magical realism, the video intertwines stop motion with reality as Birch gets sentimental about his blooming affection. Hinting at significant objects and memories that make up the relationship, viewers are able to catch a glimpse into what the relationship was before it crumbled. ‘Secrets’ serves as the album’s opener, as the rest of the record details chronologically the future of the relationship.