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Seanyy delivers forward-thinking, electronic gem ‘Be Like That’

Combining pop and electronic sounds perfectly, Seanyy is one dance music’s most promising breakout talents. A self-taught producer, Seanyy started off as a DJ and released his first track in 2016, gathering a lot of positive feedback. Fast forward to 2020 and he has released more than a dozen of tracks, inspired by the likes of Brooks, Retrovision, Lucas & Steve and Don Diablo, and amassing hundreds of thousands of streams on digital platforms.

Seanyy has just unleashed his latest dance hit, bright gem “Be Like That”. The track has an interesting story behind its creation, it was actually started as a remix for a competition and ended up becoming an original tune. Out via his own label Swerve Collective Creations, “Be Like That” will be featured on Seanyy’s upcoming debut EP, and is a bouncy future house vibe with massive potential.

“There’s actually a cool story behind ‘Be Like That,’ explains Seanyy. “It originally started out as a remix for a competition of the track ‘High Enough’ by Justin Caruso & Rosie Darling. I was in a time crunch to finish it as I was heading to Air Assault school in a week. As I was struggling through Day 0 of Air Assault school, I sent the files to my buddy Jonth for the finishing touches on the production (mixing and mastering) for him to upload it to SKIO on my behalf. I didn’t end up winning the contest, which was a shame, but I remember the drive home from Grafenwoer as I was blasting the finished tune on repeat — just loving the final result. I always and will forever correlate this track to those brutal two weeks I endured at Air Assault. Fast forward almost two years: I revisit the project and turn it into an original. I got so much positive feedback from the original remix it just felt shameful to not officially release it. That’s how ‘Be Like That’ was born.”


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