The Ian Moore tells us his vulnerable story of grief in new album ‘INFINITY FOREVER’

St. Louis-based artist, The Ian Moore, releases ‘INFINITY FOREVER,’ the album that includes singles ‘Do it Alone,’ and ‘GODLIKE’ featuring well-known rapper, Futuristic. That single saw success on platforms and support by outlets such as Rolling Stone India, Hype Magazine, Music Crowns, and more.

You can listen to the album here.

The album is the third and final project dedicated to the story of Ian’s late brother and Grandfather. Ian uses music as a form of therapy to deal with struggle and losses, and has been making music for the past five years centered around that grief.

‘INFINITY FOREVER’ is the finale of Ian’s projects centered around that story of loss. When asked about it, Ian says “This
album is all about acceptance and moving on.” ‘INFINITY FOREVER’ is an artistic mix of emotional, deeply personal songwriting and skits called Acts III-V, the closing chapter of Ian Moore’s previous project, ‘Twisted Syndicate.’

“This album continues directly where that one left off and it reveals how that narrative ties in with the real life struggles I have had to face.” Ian says, and without giving any spoilers – it’s a fictional story that has real life weight to it.”

From a sonic perspective, this record features dark emotional tracks reminiscent of early Eminem. It leans “rock rap” at times which tie into Ian’s inspirations being multidimensional. Definitely a must listen project for fans of early 2000’s alternative as well as more emotional leaning Hip-Hop.

“This album really poses as a finale chapter and “sequel” to my albums that came before it. The very first project I ever released was ‘Infinity #12’ which is only available on SoundCloud, and it was about my Grandfather and dealing with that trauma. The sequel to that project was ‘Twisted Syndicate’ that helped me deal with the loss of my older brother. This is the third and final installment to the series that is meant to symbolize acceptance and moving on with all of it.”

‘INFINITY FOREVER’ released globally on May 27, 2022.