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Tom Featherstone drops charity offering ‘Alright (At Home)’

Heartfelt, mellow and yearning Tom Featherstone’s latest release ‘Alright (At Home)’ is an ethereal soundscape inspired by the need for peace during times of global unrest. A reworking of Tom’s 2019 debut, all the proceeds for his latest track will go towards the Sheffield-based community and cultural centre, Foodhall to support vulnerable individuals in the area during this period of great unrest.

Featherstone explains that  “Whilst feeling helpless in many ways during lockdown, we decided thatwhatever money we can generate to support Foodhall after the monumental work they have been doing and continue to do to support the most vulnerable in our community, is worthwhile. The track certainly comes at a time where things aren’t “alright” or “all as it should be” at all with what we’re becoming increasingly aware of abroad in the US and Yemen as well as locally with serious inequalities remaining in our society for way too long with too little being done by those in power. I guess the hope of this track is to bring a bit of peace and rest to those fighting for justice and progress in this time as we all seek to educate, challenge and change ourselves and our communities.”

The track itself is inspired by the recent work of Ethan Gruska and demonstrates a haunting lo-fi ambience enhanced further by the gentle and nimble vocal performance of Featherstone.  Recorded using an iPhone there is a deliberate sense of rawness to the track that interplays against a delicate strummed acoustic guitar.

Speaking of the track, Featherstone explains: “The original single had been released way backin November 2019 and the chorus and sentiment of the track just came back to me in lockdown, it was important to sing over myself in a way to combat anxiety. I called Nick (Minimal Animal) with the idea of this new version exposing the vulnerability and intimacy of the lyrics; he was down and made it this beautiful track that we get to release together.”

For more information on Foodhall, visit the website:

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