Waves Rush In shares debut EP ‘Seasons Change’

During a time when the world feels in need of a big hug, the UK singer/songwriter Waves Rush In (aka Sam Branson) has shared a beautiful collection of songs inspired by the eb and flow of nature’s cycles.

Entitled ‘Seasons Change’, the 5-track EP was born out of tragedy after his granny sadly passed away from Covid last year. This event sparked something deep inside Sam, and he used it to channel his focus on songwriting, resulting in him penning the track ‘Colours Fade’, which became his first official single and track No. 1 on the EP. He says:

“My hope was that people would find some catharsis in it during these really tough times and help them reflect on loved ones they may have lost.”

‘Seasons Change’ is the Oxfordshire based artist’s debut EP and represents several years of musical and personal growth. Tracks such as ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’, ‘Let It Bruise’ and ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’ all pay tribute to the human experience in a friendly and relatable way and showcase someone with a deep spirituality at the core of his art.

Echoing the theme of growth as the title suggests, ‘Seasons Change’ serves as a reminder for all of us to accept the ups and downs we experience and enjoy the unique journey that is our life, accepting where we come from and the possibilities of where we can go. Or as Sam puts it “Striving for a better future and a kinder world together.” He explains further

“Just like seasons change, we as humans do as well, and in the same way not all areas of the world experience the same seasons at the same time, neither do we! Even in the space of one day our emotions can take us from winter to summer and back again. Someone once asked me what I thought passion was in its essence. After a few seconds, I replied ‘passion is a love for something that is continually unfolding.”

The video for ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’ premiered with Tap The Feed and reached over 62K views in its first two weeks, whilst other media support for tracks from the EP include plays at BBC Introducing and support from the influential YouTube channel Alex Rain Bird. Despite being a relative newcomer, Waves Rush In has notched up some impressive stream numbers which includes over 200K Spotify streams and over 250K streams on all platforms.

Stream ‘Seasons Change’ below and follow: @WavesRushIn on socials