Andre Chrys New Album Leads to a Window of Great Pleasure

With his songs placed on feature films and opening for heavyweights, Andre Chrys’ new offerings, “Window To Nowhere”, should drum up some interest from even the least avid listener. Released today, the eight-track album displays his distinct take on Americana inspired roots rock with storytelling of life’s great obstacles.

Described as ‘a record with an old soul’, “Window To Nowhere” gets right down to it with a kick of funk and feather light Americana through “Getting Away With It”. Playful folk follows accompanied by what seems to be Middle Eastern –inspired tones in “The Velvet Rut”, where the Canadian singer-songwriter switches it up, by changing his vocals from that classic rock to a storyteller of an old folkster.

Title track, “Window To Nowhere” starts off with a playful ambience of the guitar, becoming increasingly heart racing which gives his light Americana trademark a modern take on rock ‘n’ roll. As the album draws to an end, the tempo is turned down a couple of notches with “The Benefit of the Doubt” the alluringly bluesy “Fallen Apart”. Both almost acoustic productions, the electric guitar takes centre stage, creating an angelic and laid back vibe.

Although there’s great uses of blues, folk, soul and funk with Americana, it’s not the most groundbreaking collection I ever heard – but that’s not the album’s intention (it’s very evident from the album cover).  “Window To Nowhere” is designed to appeal to anyone who really appreciate just good music.