Member speaks about movement lead by famous musician

A thirty-six-year-old man, who remains unnamed, has spoken to press about a new artistic movement based in Wichita, Kansas, lead by a “world-famous musician”.

We were taught to believe that to release oneself from ego was to be free of all sin and responsibility.

Discussing life inside the movement in more detail, the man said: “The entire process from beginning to end is about proving yourself. We were made to prove that we could “shed our egos” by choosing a “subject” and devoting ourselves to it to the point where we almost became it.

Speaking about his time in the movement he spoke of meditation and how he felt “free of all sin and responsibility”. The man also mentioned that the group is currently counting down to a date, though he did not reveal what this was.

The artistic movement is said to be inclusive and is currently looking to recruit more members.

To find out more and join the movement, click here.

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  1. Ryan Conway

    No mention of the name of the church/cult. No mention of the man’s name. No mention of the famous musician’s name. And the article was posted on April 1st. Is there any real information?

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