Coke Beats releases a new remix for legendary Italian techno DJ Francesco Zappalà.

Coke Beats

Fresh from the underground rave techno journey of “Techno is a State of Mind” and recently exploring the world of NFT, Coke Beats has released a new remix for Dublin-based label MisolaRec Record. Minimal techno-influenced interpretation of Francesco Zappalà’s new track, “Jellyfish.”

Francesco Zappalà is considered an Italian legend. DMC Runner-up 90 and the first Italian ever to compete in the Battle for World Supremacy, with the same result. Francesco played in all the major Italian clubs ( Cocorico, Red Zone, etc.) and is currently performing live after a long break.

MisolaRec Record is an emerging electronic music label from Dublin founded by Italian DJ and music promoter Marino Rispo. The young label has recently started to release new music from artists Chris Vannucci, and MaB exploring various electronic music genres. Coming from a music scene primarily dominated by 90s nostalgia and old-school rave genres like hardstyle and euro-dance, MisolaRec Record could potentially define a more contemporary sound for the shy Dublin music scene.

“Jellyfish” (original mix) is a minimal techno trip that resembles the minimalistic production of Grad_U, Federsen, and some of the Ostgut Ton recent releases. Francesco Zappalà’s original mix also delivers a warm early morning feel familiar to venues like Panorama Bar and Suicide Circus enthusiasts.

“Jellyfish (Coke Beats Remix)” is a diverse, banging, spaced-out techno remix on Francesco Zappalà’s original mix. Coke Beats remix merge post-industrial sounds to Mike Storm / Pulso inspired rhythms and accelerated drum machine build-ups reminiscence of the early Richie Hawtin productions.