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Morrissey is the face of PETA’s anti-holiday campaign

It’s a long-standing fact that Morrissey is a staunch vegetarian, and very vocal about it (The Smiths did call an album Meat Is Murder, after all). Amidst all of his public tirades about all the various things that offend him, his aversion to meat is one that actually seems rational and understandable.

Cue PETA, an organisation that is equally as divisive with their methodologies and campaigns, but are just as steadfast in their fight for animal rights.

It seems then that they are a match made in heaven. Now they have teamed up for the ‘Holidays Are Murder For Turkeys’ campaign, aiming to dissuade the public from having the traditional bird as part of their festive meal this Christmas. They’ve created a nice cartoon ad of Moz as part of the appeal (seen above), and there will be members of PETA outside his upcoming gigs on his US tour handing out flyers with the image on it.

In a statement, PETA’s VP Dan Matthews stated: “We hope this unique artwork will end up on refrigerators across the country as a reminder that animals shouldn’t be sacrificed for holiday feasts.

Rob Hakimian

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