Exclusive Premiere: Rising Star Ray Palousek Releases New EP ‘Feelings’

Rising star Ray Palousek is gifting the audience with a new, beautifully crafted, EP titled ‘Feelings.’ Ray’s new EP promises to  grab the listeners’ attention from the very first track, making them fully immersed in the song’s experience.

Ray Palousek is an independent artist who focuses on conveying his feelings and personal experiences to his audience through music. Prior to the release of this EP, Palousek has released several other songs, including ‘Colorblind,’ as well as ‘I’ll Drink To That,’ and ‘Ocean Meets the Sky.’ His entire discography seeks to relate his feelings to his audience’s, and vice versa.

Ray Palousek is primarily a solo artist with a focus on the country aspect of music. Additionally, Palousek is also a regular performer among Norwegian Cruise Lines, and as a result performs out at sea for 10 months of the year. He finds comfort in both singing and songwriting in order to reflect his own personal experiences. With each new release, he seeks to find his own sense of creative fulfillment, and states that he loves doing his job full-time despite the downsides it may have. Ray’s genuine love for music and performance truly shines through his voice and his new EP’s lyrics, allowing the artist to grow stronger and continue his musical journey.

With the upcoming release of his latest EP, ‘Feelings,’ Palousek seeks to share feelings of both love and heartbreak with his audience. With this EP, he allows his audience to share a part of himself with his audience, as well as providing them with a point of connection. With the use of melancholy lyrics and a soothing yet saddening track, ‘Feelings’ is sure to live up to its name.

‘Embers in the Breeze’ is a song that seeks to verbalize the beauty you would find in someone. The lyrics in particular, pertain to the idea of living with love as a constant, immovable force, something that cannot be so easily shaken. The tempo and rhythm within the song are slow and steady, almost akin to building up the love you have for someone. ‘Kiss Me Again’ adds  onto the theme of love, with lyrics encapsulating the feeling of life given from a partner. This song gives off a feeling of melancholy, where the first song highlights the pure joy and happiness a relationship can give. In particular, the lyrics convey a feeling of impending finality, almost as if Palousek knows that this time of peace and joy will eventually come to an end. The song subtly highlights the midpoint of a relationship on the rocks. ‘Not Your Baby’ is the finale of the EP, and seeks to send off the listener with a sense of heartbreak. While the first two songs focused on the love and joy of a relationship, this song focuses on one that wasn’t meant to be. 

Ray Palousek’s newest EP, ‘Feelings’ is a course set up to provide listeners with the joy and heartbreak that can come with love. Each song within the EP seeks to take its listeners on a journey through its lyrics; While the first song highlights the burning passion of love, the final song is one of heartbreak and despair. ‘Kiss Me Again,’ or the second song within the EP, acts as the transitional point between the first and last songs. Ray Palousek showcases the journey of his own relationship with this EP.