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Fyre Byrd showcase their roots while flipping through their “Chapters” (Exclusive)

Who’s Fyre Byrd? Let me introduce you to these new powerhouses that are taking the industry by a storm.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Samtré and joined by female drummer Breeze, together they’ve already made some serious headway into their career.

We want to innovate the way we release music. We believe it can be so much more than a single release, a music video drop or hyped Spotify streams. Creatives are here to scribe culture and that is what we intend to do through our music, story telling, film ect. It’s 2021, why do bands have to still be in this old model that wasn’t created to benefit them or their fans. Our listeners know who we are and that is what keeps them involved in our art.” explains Samtré and Breeze. 

With a unique approach into their music career, they’ve been working on telling their story in a different way. As music involves throughout history, being unique and standing out is key into a career – Fyre Byrd is doing just that.

Exclusively via Music Crowns, we’re proud to present Chapter Five.

“Chapter Five [Chaos] is a part of a story we are telling called No_Idols. No_Idols tells the story of our time. The need to seek out fame, glory, power and infatuation starts with a thought and it leads to a choice.  It’s narrated by the inner voice that discloses the unfiltered thoughts we truly desire. Each chapter our characters select an idol which gives us an identity in which we hope to fulfil our desires and create a world that grows and thrives.”
explains Samtré and Breeze. 

With each chapter being released, they showcase and reveal more idols that impacted their career.

“The story has just begun and we have so much more to tell and as we start Chapter 2, 3, 4 more will be explained. We hope anyone who has just joined in stays for the rest of the story.Thanks for watching!” explains Samtré and Breeze. 

You can learn more about Fyre Byrd by visiting www.fyrebyrdband.com.

Trevor Justin

Trevor Justin is an accomplished journalist and PR specialist, having been a part of the music industry since the age of 13, the Iowa native has built a strong foundation across the music sector. Writing for media outlets; Music Mayhem Magazine, Mic'd Magazine, and Country Sway his passion for promoting rising and established talent is unrivalled. It was this deep-rooted love of getting artists noticed that led him to launch his own PR company: Perkins Publicity which is home to a variety of top talent of all genres.

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