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Musicians and TV don’t mix! Here’s 7 videos to prove it

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Recently, Primal Scream‘s Bob Gillespie became an internet sensation when he rightfully and hilariously declined dancing with a group of journalists and politicians on This Week.

It made us at Music Crowns reflect on the often cringe-inducing relationship between musicians and TV.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the strangest, nastiest interactions that currently exist between the camera, the journalist and the artist.

Sex Pistols vs Bill Grundy

To put the UK’s most controversial punk band on an 18:00pm TV slot seems incredibly short cited in retrospect. But are the Pistols really any worse than Bill Grundy in their goading? Either way the BBC had it coming.

James McCartney vs BBC Breakfast

There’s a point where the interviewer jokes: Paul McCartney? Who’s that?” and gets a stern, humourless, “Well he’s my dad.”  It’s either a horrid “whoosh” moment, or James is officially the king of deadpan comedy.

Blur vs Nardwuar

This one’s just unpleasant. Nardwuar, an interviewing icon known for his thorough research and energetic attitude gets physically threatened by Blur‘s drunk drummer. The shamed Dave Rowntree eventually apologised for his attack on the interviewer, blaming his aggressive behaviour on cocaine addiction. His apology has since been accepted by Nardwuar.

The Stone Roses vs Music Box

This interview, dated just before the release of their seminal “Madchester” debut album, already has Ian Brown proudly proclaiming The Stone Roses as the best band in the world. What’s more shocking however, is what they don’t say, which unfortunately for this interviewer takes up a substantial portion of the video. Hindered by mind-numbingly dull responses, uncomfortable silences and the death-stares of John Squire and Ian Brown, few interviews are as painful, or hilarious as this one.

Grace Jones vs Russell Harty

This interview is glowing contradictory evidence to the theory that “opposites attract,” watch this and weep Paula Abdul.

Nick Cave vs Billy Corgan

Poor Billy. A young, wide-eyed Billy Corgan gets the dream job of interviewing one of his idols. Sadly, the harsh nature of life begins to smash down on this naïve pumpkin as grumpy Nick Cave berates him by calling him a teenager. Tough. Though, to be fair to Nick, Billy did get his nationality wrong, that’s interviewing 101 Bill.

Lou Reed vs Everyone

The interviewer’s kryptonite. Nothing Lou said could be believed, every comment was disposable. Lou knew it, he thrived on it,  no doubt revelling in the subsequent carnage.

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