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Watch Erik Cavanaugh dance away his fears in Marc Richter’s anti-bullying music video

Marc Richter has unveiled his moving debut music video which focuses on bullying in the world of dance.

The Sergio Vaccaro directed video stars Erik Cavanaugh, a talented dancer who has stunned the world with his incredible moves and viral successes. Addressing the stigma of body image in dance, the short film focuses on the highs and lows of a passionate dancer struggling with confidence.

Dancing With U‘ ft Remington Maxwell follows a young Cavanaugh who dreams of one day being a dancer. He is shackled by the cruelty of his aggressors both at school and in later life, until one day he breaks free in a whirlwind of colour and emotion. Watch the video below.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Richter explains: “It’s time we spread awareness in a cool way to encourage youth to be inspired on how to prevent [bullying], as well as how to tolerate others who are ‘different’.” Read the full statement here and follow Richter on his socials below.


James Cooke

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