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‘Stay The Night’ showcases Xoxomyah’s amazing vocal talent and GT_Ofice’s outstanding production wizardry

GT_Ofice was originally from Maryland but now resides in New York and has performed at noteworthy music venues in New York City, Miami and Las Vegas.

His first foray into the entertainment industry was as a child actor and it was from there he developed a passion for not only music but also creating beats. His latest offering is a track by the name of ‘Stay The Night’ which features popular female vocalist Xoxomyah.

‘Stay The Night’ opens with powerful vocals from Xoxomyah to a back drop of minimal beats provided by GT_Ofice, this then transitions into a catchy instrumental arrangement which continues to crescendo as the song progresses.

The track treats us to an eclectic mix of music genres which range from main stream pop to percussion to trance dance beats.

Xoxomyah’s performance on ‘Stay The Night’ has a Katy Perry vibe in places and GT_Ofice effortlessly proves that he is a pro when it comes to creating EDM beats and producing outstanding melodies.


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