Track of the day: Donae'o - 'Black ft. JME & Dizzee Rascal'

Track of the day: Donae’o – ‘Black ft. JME & Dizzee Rascal’

Today’s track of the day comes from North-West London rapper and singer Donae’o. His recently released track, ‘Black’, recruits grime scene veterans JME and Dizzee Rascal to lay down a verse each to accompany his. The audio for ‘Black’ seemed to appear unofficially online in October but has now received an official music video release.

The video for ‘Black’ stays true to its grime roots. Dotted around various London spots, the crew are all decked out in black garments, hyping the lyrics, “Man ah wear black”. Donae’o’s choruses are bright and cheerful, keeping the mood upbeat with rolling claps and melodic piano chords – then when the verse drops the beat strips back and bangs harder accentuating the darker tones. ‘Black’ appears to take influence from dancehall, garage and reggae; combining them all to create a tropical, bouncy feel. Although the tropical vibe is prevalent throughout, especially during the choruses, the Verses bring it down and back to basics with gritty 808 kicks and energetic bongos.

‘Black’ follows closely after Giggs’ last release ‘Lock Doh’ which featured Donae’o and caused quite a stir in the club scene. It doesn’t seem like it will be long before ‘Black’ follows suit and becomes a regular dancefloor heater.

James Cooke

James has worked on the production side of the music industry for many years gaining releases on a number of record labels around the globe. Alongside James’ personal music projects he has trained as an illustrator, designer and a creative marketer. Taking on the role of marketing/editorial assistant at Music Crowns, James spends his days covering new and underground music creating content for our audiences through well thought out reviews and features.

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