Watch Boomin’s soulful acoustic take on Killswitch Engage’s ‘Rose of Sharyn’

Meet Boomin: the unpredictable, energetic pop-rock band from Wigan, UK. The band first formed in 2007 and ever since then, members Adam, Edd and Rory have been tearing up stages nationwide. Boomin pride themselves on blending an array of different genres; taking elements from pop punk, acoustic and power ballads to produce a sound that is truly their own.

The spirited trio generate an electrifying atmosphere at their live shows, pulling together an industrious recipe of power pop fuelled epics, catchy hooks and addictive choruses. Their latest album, ‘Off The Wood’, shows the band take on some of their favourite artist’s tracks – acoustic style. Featuring guest musician Jon Brindley, the album includes covers of  ‘Rose of Sharyn’, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and ‘My Life’.

The commendable rendition ‘Rose of Sharyn’, originally by masters of metal, Killswitch Engage, showcases Boomin’s resilient style and versatile talent. Including guitars, piano and a violin, the captivating cover is the vehicle to a goosebumps-inducing journey; complimented by some seriously heartfelt vocal work. Boomin have nailed their acoustic sound and prove once again that they have what it takes to cater to their boundless and rapidly growing fanbase.


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