Airbnb now offering London grime tours

Airbnb now offering London grime tours

Airbnb is now offering tours of London’s grime scene hotspots as part of its new Experiences range of local tour guide services.

Hosted by the Grime Scout, AKA Dominique – an A&R co-ordinator for Slip Records, the immersive offering promises a three-day peregrination around London’s grime world, taking in talent hot spots, recording studios and underground clubs.

Day One is a talent-spotting crash course, starting “in the heart of the East End, in the Shoreditch neighbourhood. From there, we’ll find the best gigs of the night, on either end of the city.” Dominique promises: “Wherever we go, I’ll teach you how to spot amazing talent.”

The second day of the experience takes in a producer Q&A session in a recording studio, with an open possibility of sitting in on a live session if the timing is right. Day Three takes in the city’s underground club scene: “We’ll scope out the best venue of the night and might just end up partying in the same spot as someone like Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran, or A$AP Rocky.”

Prices for the tours start at £190 per person.

Alexander Gold

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