Watch Cassetteboy's hilarious new Brexit mash-up video

Watch Cassetteboy’s hilarious new Brexit mash-up video

The latest video by musical comedy duo Cassetteboy gives Brexit the mash-up treatment.

Featuring a choppy layout of quotes from the likes of David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Theresa May, this masterpiece takes form as a well-spoken rap battle set to the theme of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air title song.

The cleverly edited track chops and screws the words of British politician Boris Johnson to say, “I have the most gross charisma and I want to be the next prime minister,” and: “Let’s leave the EU because I see an amazing future for me, although it isn’t a good thing for our country.”

The track follows on to manipulate the words of Theresa May as she spouts “… As for me, I kept out of the way, that’s how I became Prime Minister May,” and: “No free single market access, no more money for the NHS and yes you can forget the economy. This policy wrecks it. Brexit means Brexit”. May closes the video by finally stating “and we’re making a mess of it.”

Cassetteboy’s newest musical edition to the world of politics was shared by The Guardian via their YouTube Channel and follows their previous effort ‘Getting Piggy With It’.

James Cooke

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