Lisa Lickstein – USA

We strongly recommend Music Crowns to any new artist

“In fifteen months our daughter went from an unknown 15 year old girl singing songs I her bedroom to her school and camp friends to a 16 year old with an EP, over a million views of her original music on social media, 24,000 Instagram followers, a sold out 200+ seat concert, coverage in newspaper and radio and walking the red carpet at Billboard and Grammy events in large part because of Music Crowns. They are super easy to work with, incredibly responsive, reasonably priced and simply have exceeded our every expectation. Even with a five hour time difference and never having a single in person meeting or phone call, they’ve helped Nikki reach a wide fan base and many opportunities simply via Facebook messenger and text. Every new artist should try them. WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY!”

Quoc Le – Vietnam

Music Crowns is Professional & Trustworthy

“My name is Quoc Le. I am the admin for Evan Le Official on Facebook. Sam & the Music Crowns team have helped me set up the page from scratch and it now has over 170,000 fans (and growing). We are excited to work with MC and always appreciative of their help and advice!”

John Buckley – England


“Music Crowns is such a great platform when starting out, especially being from Cornwall and so far out of the way! Music Crowns helped me out a lot when my page had a lot lower figures than what it does now! Music Crowns has promoted a few of my videos now and it’s so good to get my posts in touch with people all around and out of the country! Definitely recommend ? X”

Gavin Clifton – Wales

Excellent Promotion Service, Lovely People!
“On behalf of myself, Clifton Music Records and our artist Kaysha Louvain, we can’t thank Music Crowns enough for helping us get Kaysha’s debut music video ‘Run To You’ out into eyes and ears of music lovers throughout the World. The video received 10,000 views in ONE DAY!! Which is more we could have hoped for! Thank you for the excellent service Music Crowns! We’ll definitely be back for more promotion in the future!!”

Alisha Popat – Kenya

Humbling & Motivating
“I just discovered your profile on Instagram and I am so impressed with it. It is so humbling and motivating to see people helping promote independent artist and raw talent the way you guys do.

I am a singer/songwriter from Kenya and just wanted to reach out to say how incredible the work you do is. I discovered so many great artists within one afternoon through this platform.”

Jack Burton – England

“A wonderful group allowing those get the attention they deserve. They sure helped me!”

Jumoke Hill – USA

Simply The Best!
“Music Crowns is really awesome. I cam across them by accident and i’ve been doing business with them ever since. You guys really care about the artist your working with and it shows. I tell ALL my musician friends about your service. As soon a i have a new project out trust me, I will be using Music Crowns again!”

Marc Rigney – Northern Ireland

Thank You Music Crowns
“Honestly I can’t thank Music Crowns enough for all they did for me. They are an awesome site and were so friendly with helping me get my content out and thanks to them one of my videos hit 100k views and over 1700 likes. They have helped me reach a far greater audience and helped reach people from all over the world who have liked the page and shared the video. Music Crowns do exactly what they say they will. Great folks.”

James McGarvey – England

An excellent innovative service
“Music Crowns is one of, if not THE BEST open platform to have your music heard. I couldn’t imagine how I would have exposed my own music and creativeness with such a vast audience without Music Crowns and I’m thankful.”

Jørgen Manke / Skambra Studio – Norway

Great promotion
“Music Crowns are the single best place we have ever posted our music video. I think we past 60,000 views within the first 24 hours, and it kept on rising for days and days. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get noticed. We will continue to use it as part of our artist promotion, and so should you :)”

JChat – USA

I Love Music Crowns
“You can’t go wrong with Music Crowns they have the best videos, the best services and they always respond and treat you right and I love that they support independent artist.”

Marzia Dipalma – Italy

Perfect!!! I would recommend it
“Music Crowns has helped me to grow my Facebook page by posting my videos. I’m Italian and I didn’t expect so many foreign followers!!! Music Crowns is a great way to get people to know your music and your passion. The staff are very kind and helpful, if you have any questions they will answer as soon as they can! I definitely recommend it!!!

Megan Davidson – Scotland

Great music promotion
“Music Crowns have shared many of my videos and helped me gain a loyal and active fanbase on the Internet. I would definitely recommend this company for any sort of music promotion, as they do exactly what they say they will and provide an audience to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to one.”

Zena O’Brien – Ireland

“Music Crowns have helped me a lot, they platformed my music to a much wider audience than I ever thought possible, being a musician it can be a struggle to get funding for this type of advertising and Music Crowns gives options to choose to suit your budget. I have a much bigger audience now and have had great interaction and feedback on my music. I would definitely recommend using this company if you are a music artist.”

Forever Never – England

Music Crowns: Great Company with Great Listeners
“Music Crowns is a great place to promote your music with a highly engaged and captive audience that will always give your music some feedback. Would recommend as a starting point for getting the word out there for your music.”

Karin Duff – Malta

Music Crowns is simply amazing!
“Music Crowns is a great way to help artists get discovered and it has helped me in so many ways! Thank you!”

Rapping Dad – USA

My Video Has Had Over 100 Million Views and Music Crowns Helped!
“Music Crowns is fantastic and really supports the music artist. I have truly appreciated their support and the work that they do to help my videos go viral.”

Toni Etherson – Scotland

Best service yet will defo use again
“Music Crowns has been fundamental in the growth of my online music profile , as a result of one video share I gained thousands of new likes on my own music page the traffic has been consistent ever since and the audience they hold are loyal music lovers. They are SO easy to deal with and get ahold of. I never had any negative experiences when dealing with music crowns but if ever did want to speak to someone there they are very easy to contact and quick to respond. There are many pages who I have also tried to use to share my music and in all honesty music crowns tops them all as I find cost wise it is super effective and reasonably priced. They have loads of different packages and ways you can Taylor your options directly to your music and I think that is also a great attribute. Their promotions have opened my music up to a hugely wide audience from all around the globe and I will still continue to use them moving forward.”

Christopher Barna – USA

I would recommend them to anyone!
“Music Crowns is a great, professional, friendly, and reliable company that gets results.! I have had personal experiences with Music Crowns, and all I can say is 5 stars all the way. The services they provide, and the connections they have globally are overwhelming.! I couldn’t thank them for all they have done for me!”