Adptd’s single “Believe It Or Not” conveys profound feelings on teetering faith

Photo credit: Adam Geltch

Today Adptd releases her single “Believe It Or Not” – a track describing the labyrinth of emotions as Randle navigates the complexities of faith. This track marks the final single release before the “Bedroom Walls” EP is unveiled in its entirety on February 25th.

Randle’s unabashed approach to songwriting is evident as the song portrays her perspective on religion through the setting of a typical Sunday morning, as she explained to us.

“Believe it or Not is about my religious views and how skewed they are to me. I’m not here to knock religion or what anyone believes, because we all believe in something. The song is a very feely, touchy song that speaks about the push and pull of faith, the feelings that reside when you’re in worship vs when you’re not. It talks about the motion of an everyday Sunday. It can be a personal song for anyone who has any connection with religion and faith.” – Josie Randle, Adptd

Adptd is composed of Josie Randle (Singer, Song-writer, Guitarist, Producer) a woman of color who is, in fact, adopted with a story to tell. She has had the pleasure of collabing with many friends and musicians globally as she has created this unique, emotive, alternative rock record in the Adptd Studio (aka bedroom). The debut EP ‘Bedroom Walls’, which will follow after a series of singles and visual representation, truly reflects off the walls themselves.  

Adptd draws her ambient, yet heavy musical sound from a love of 2000s emo rock, top 40 hits, and many other current artist within the pop/rock, pop-punk, and hardcore scene. Though Adptd may be a new project for her, she is no stranger to touring and being in a band as you may be familiar with her previous 3 piece Eye the Realist. With Adptd you can expect raw vulnerability with a focus on the deep feelings of anxiety, depression, political racism and how those experiences collectively impact one’s mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

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