Brooklyn-based musician and producer Samanta Liza unveils debut album ‘Days Of E.N.D.’

Out now via independent label But Did You Dance, ‘Days Of E.N.D.‘ is the exciting debut album from Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ, and producer of Swedish and Indonesian-Chinese heritage Samanta Liza.

The highly anticipated album comes on the back of a glorious past 12 months from the electronica rising star, beginning with the release of her debut EP, Back To Earth, last summer, which charted at #8 on the Beatport Deep House Top 100 Chart, and peaked at #14 on the iTunes Dance Albums Chart.

Written, composed and produced by Samanta Liza, with additional co-production from Panté and Aezon on the last three songs of the project, ‘Days Of E.N.D.‘ (which stands for days of extremely nonsensical drama) is a glorious electronic album with lush pop sensibilities.

The album sees Samanta shining across pop and electronic subgenres like dance-pop, melodic house, alternative pop, techno and indie pop. Drawing on her vast repertoire of artistry, musicianship, and production, Samanta Liza has delivered a captivating offering that will hold listeners attention from start to finish.

Lyrically, ‘Days Of E.N.D.‘ is a culmination of journal entries, random thoughts, deep reflections, and therapeutic studio sessions that have built up into a commentary on the importance of relationships, and how they can change our lives.

As the title suggests, we deal with ‘extremely nonsensical drama’ in our lives, and this album is a nod to how relationships dictate much of how we live our lives. As Samanta Liza puts it, “What matters at the end of the day is how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we relate to the collective. Without togetherness, life is nothingness”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind Days Of E.N.D., Samanta Liza says, “There are few things in this world that matter more to me than my relationships – both romantic and platonic. Tapping into my own story and the stories of others, I explore what it truly means to let yourself feel.

Being an empath is both exhausting and energizing at the same time. But it is my connection to others that keeps me alive and propels me forward. It is because of people that I feel excited. They give me purpose. Through this album, I hope to showcase the power of people. The power of understanding your emotions. And the power of introspection”.

Listen to Samanta Liza’s ‘Days Of E.N.D.‘ below: