Canadian songwriter ohlaur shares her dreamy new single ‘Fast Lane’

For as long as she can remember, ohlaur has always been inspired to create music that tells her tale. The singer expresses herself through her signature flowy dream pop sound, tackling the personal hardships of life and hoping that it will help others through similar struggles.

Her newest single ‘fast lane’ presents a fresh perspective on moving on and letting go of the burdens that come with the constantly-evolving life of a 20-something. The breezy track—featuring gleaming, arpeggiated guitars and soaring vocal harmonies—is the ideal road trip track transporting you from the daily grind to a new perspective on life.

Speaking of the release, ohlaur shares: “I wrote this song after being tired of holding on to my past, and letting it navigate my life. I realised your past doesn’t determine your future, and you have the power to take your life where you want it to be – don’t look back, always forward. Just drive!”

The wanderlust-inspiring track takes us on this journey toward self-acceptance and greater confidence than ever before, showcasing only the brightest aspects of ohlaur that you won’t be able to get enough of. Catch the essence of this forward momentum and sense of development in the ‘fast lane‘ music video, capturing ohlaur on a literal journey to a better self.