Country Roads to the Dance Floor: Listen to Principe’s hit

Top 1971 Billboard’s for 4 consecutive months, John Denver’s song gets renewed by Principe’s house music version recently released on Fine Business Music


Huge success in the United States and Europe in the 70’s, John Denver’s Country Roads original version gets a new suit, tailored by american music producer Principe and released by Fine Business Music, which that became known for releasing tracks from the international icon R3hab. Listen to Principe’s version of Country Roads on all digital platforms.

This iconic anthem has been transformed and crafted into a feel good summer jam. This new hit gives you that late night summer nostalgia where everything for a moment feels alright.  Country Roads is the debut single from Principe upcoming album. 


From Ibiza to Los Angeles, I plan on getting this summer singalong smash to all the best summer parties, BBQs, and hangouts. I believe this record has the power to connect people in this this fragile time we live in.”


Listen to Principe’s version of Country Roads here on Music Crowns!



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Principe’s work began with a stated purpose: to bend the conventional limits of music and create sonically unique landscapes for the people. 

With a foundational knowledge in music theory and multiple years playing traditional acoustic instruments, it wasn’t long before his curiosity propelled him to expand into the electronic music realm. By the age of ten, he had acquired his first pair of turntables and was quickly amassing an impressive vinyl collection honed in on 90s house, techno, and hip-hop. 

With the lock down in full effect, Principe has bunkered down in the studio shifting from a focus of dropping singles to finally cooking up his debut album.”

Country Roads is available on digital platforms since May 21st and, as they say in West Virginia: Mountaineers are Always Free… so Let Principe climbs his path!