Deep and mind-bending: Tune in to the emerging talent N1NJA

Supported by John Digweed, Sasha, Carl Cox, Nick Warren, Blond:ish and others, N1NJA is an artist to listen to.

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N1NJA has brought five tracks to life in 2023 with great achievements, as the support of high-level artists as mentioned above. Her young music career is creative and inspirational. Trained up by the big-shot Buddha Bar crew right at the start of her career, she’s splashing her creative canvas with an insane mix of live sounds and captivating frequencies, rocking everything from electric guitar to sitar. Deeply influenced by her ethnic roots in the Indian and African sub-continents, these beats conjure up hypnotic gateways that weave into thumping waves of deep tech and techno, serving up a real feels trip for the crowd – whether they’re getting down on her dancefloor at Pacha Destino Ibiza, kicking it at the United Nations, or vibing out at the Steelyard in London.

DJ MAG is singing Farah’s praises, tagging her as a fast-rising, mega-talented star’ dropping killer releases on A-list labels like Mobilee and Sol Selectas, with more sonic goodness in the pipeline on Sounds of Khemit and beyond.

Her latest release is the single “Sequential,” a joint effort with Zayn Mohammed dropped by Cafe De Anatolia, a leading global organic record label. This nearly six-minute track is a polished creation that melds skilled beat crafting with ethnic instruments and influences, unfolding a voyage brimming with profound and uplifting vibes.



In the initial months of 2023, N1NJA unveiled the A Frequency Illusion EP on Mobilee Records, delivering a captivating twelve-minute musical experience. Imbued with depth and surreal quality, N1NJA showcases two distinctive original tracks, infusing them with emotive elements intertwined with progressive atmospheres. Following the established vibe, “London Blues” incorporates trippy guitar solos and lively organic drums, creating an upbeat ambience.



Beyond harmonizing guitar and synths, she’s a big-name thought leader making waves worldwide as a motorsports entrepreneur, podcaster, and journo. Farah’s delved deep into the ancient art of the warrior to overcome Dyspraxia – a motor coordination glitch she got tagged with – making her one of the rare musos to drop knowledge at a TEDx talk on the subject of rewiring the brain.

Right now, Farah’s the boss lady behind the top-drawer podcast series, Mission Makers, digging into the minds and misconceptions of leaders in music, motorsport, and biz. She’s had sit-downs with heavy hitters like Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Bob Moses, Lee Burridge, Deepak Chopra, and a whole crew more.

Mission Makers

In the education game, Farah’s holding court as a lecturer at Point Blank in London, and frequently a a top-tier panellist and moderator in Davos and ADE. Plus, she’s recently joined the IMS team on a curatorial level, teaming up with Pete Tong and Ben Turner to hustle up some serious change for the next-gen.

A new season of the podcast just dropped in November and interviews are in the air. Some of the guests are:

  • Danny Howard
  • Marshall Jefferson
  • Eli from * Soul Clap
  • Atish + Saqib ( captured live at ADE )
  • Leticia van Riel (ANNA and Wehbba’s manager)
  • Jon Sax ( captured live at ADE )

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