Discover the Folk Fusion of Irish Band Acoustic Bloom with New Singles T.L.C and Carolina in the Fall

There’s a new wave of Americana-folk taking over the Irish music scene, and leading the charge is the incredible band Acoustic Bloom. Hailing from the heart of Kilkenny, this talented group has been making waves with their latest singles ‘T.L.C’ and ‘Carolina in the Fall’. Released on July 10th, ‘T.L.C’ is like a warm embrace from an old friend. 


With its beautiful acoustic sound and soulful harmonies, the song is a reminder of the importance of caring for and being cared for by those closest to us. And let’s not forget the music video, which is a visual treat as we see the band perform in picturesque locations around their hometown. But it’s ‘Carolina in the Fall’ that truly showcases the versatility and depth of Acoustic Bloom’s talent. The band brings a touch of Irish charm to the US state with their hauntingly beautiful ballad. As they sing about the wonder of Carolina in the fall, the breathtaking visuals in the music video, shot by none other than the band themselves, transport us to the colourful foliage of the state. What makes Acoustic Bloom’s music so special is the warmth and familiarity that shines through each track. With their eight-member band, who have been playing together for over 20 years, there’s a sense of camaraderie and friendship that translates into their music seamlessly. Both ‘T.L.C’ and ‘Carolina in the Fall’ were expertly produced by Martin Quinn at Jam Studios, while the music videos were brought to life by the talented Steve Bloor Media and the band themselves. 


So if you’re looking for some Americana with an Irish twist, look no further than Acoustic Bloom. With their dynamic sound and heartfelt lyrics, this is a band that will capture your heart and leave you wanting more. Keep an eye on these rising stars because they’re about to take the music world by storm.