Eivor hauntingly blends the organic with synthetic in 'Surrender'

Eivor hauntingly blends the organic with synthetic in ‘Surrender’

With thunderous strength and power, Eivor provides a sound that is both incredibly striking and unforgettably enchanting.

Like a powerful goddess, the bewitching songstress is an artist who is doing something truly unique. Haunting and packed with emotion, the 34-year-old’s mesmerising tones create an otherworldly experience.

When asked about what inspires her, she simply says: There is music in every situation you get yourself into”, proving she draws influences from a wealth of sources. Themes of love, loss, freedom and nature are at the forefront of Eivor’s music as she combines raw emotion with her flawless musical prowess.

Born in the Faroe Islands the songstress was immersed in the native culture. Harbouring a passion for the Faroese musical traditions she began her creative journey. At just 16 she self-released her debut album and has since been broadening her horizons to a plethora of cultural influences. Now emerging from her folk roots, Eivor blends a diverse mix of blues, country folk, big band stylings, classical influences and trip-hop tinted rock into her experimental process and performances.

Instantly gripping, ‘Surrender’ wastes no time introducing itself. An eclectic mix of electronic drum beats and medieval plucks fill the air in anticipation for Eivor’s haunting tones. Staying true to form, the singer creates an atmospheric stream of emotion that pulses, rising and falling as her voice soars. ‘Surrender’ is a refreshingly dark yet uplifting offering packed with a diverse blend of organic and synthetic elements.


James Cooke

James has worked on the production side of the music industry for many years gaining releases on a number of record labels around the globe. Alongside James’ personal music projects he has trained as an illustrator, designer and a creative marketer. Taking on the role of marketing/editorial assistant at Music Crowns, James spends his days covering new and underground music creating content for our audiences through well thought out reviews and features.

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