Gentlemen’s Crow create their own version of rock ‘n’ roll in new single ‘Did I Get The Picture?’

Photo Credit: Wolfe Eliot Media

Ahead of their upcoming debut LP ‘Apparations’, Gentlemen’s Crow has released their new single ‘Did I Get The Picture?’ on all streaming services today. A fan favorite from the band’s live shows,Did I Get The Picture?’ grapples with self image, morality and shattered egos. With stunning guitar solos and hints of hard-rock and post-punk, Gentlemen’s Crow have made rock uniquely their own. 


“The lyrics were kind of Cam imagining different situations of just letting it all go, destroying his ego for everyone to see and ultimately seeing the true version of himself taken as a picture on someone else’s camera. It’s definitely his favorite lyrical content on the album. The solo after the second chorus is another product of studio improv. We didn’t have a solid solo being played there, and Cam had some ideas but nothing solid. Cam tracked it a few times and on the fourth time everyone was just like ‘Shit, that was the one.’ Brok turned around from the studio console with this wild look on his face. It was truly an awesome studio moment.” — Gentlemen’s Crow


Gentlemen’s Crow hails from Saint Augustine, Florida. In the heat of the southeast, the band have spent time conjuring their unique blend of rock, indie, alternative, psych, and metal. Gentlemen’s Crow, comprised of band members Cameron James (Vocals and Guitar), Alex Sandlin (Lead Guitar), Zach Lightfoot (Bass Guitar) and Jacob Mayo (Drums), spawned into existence two years ago and spent their infant years developing their live performance and cutting teeth in venues across Florida. Gentlemen’s Crow completed their first independent tour with an 11 show east coast run in the fall of 2021. Gentlemen’s Crow has shared bills with South of Eden, Added Color, Carver Commodore, Faze Wave, The Dev, Days Gone By, and Secret Keeper. With rigorous weekend touring and a constant business mind set, they have garnered a loyal following within their home state. With the upcoming release of their debut album “Apparitions”, the band is looking to expand their horizons with longer touring and festival appearances. Gentlemen’s Crow exists to haunt your headspace with their music, and fill your next line up with a blistering live show.


Stream ‘Did I Get The Picture?’ on all DSPs today, and follow the band on Instagram here.