Jeremy Parsons Provides Spellbinding Sweetness On Latest Single

Jeremy Parsons’ voice contains such depth on the passionate “Something Other Than you Are”. A neat mixture of country, folk, and pop there is a beauty to be found within these small flourishes. With nods to early Cat Stevens, there is a wholesomeness to it that draws the listener into the message. Vocals here really do serve as the key focal point from which all else flows. The verses throughout have a sense of purpose, a quiet celebratory presence, that allows the songs to roll on through with a bit of optimism behind them. Rhythms have a pastoral quality to them understated in a sense for the buildup never happens, this is about the journey more than it is about the destination.

The mood is set right from the beginning with the casual cool of the guitar gliding on by in its own gentle way. His voice pairs perfectly with the low-key understand sound of the rest of the song. By allowing these few elements into the fray he sounds akin to Elliott Smith, but with optimism added. A sense of peace permeates the whole of the adventure and he makes sure to explore every possible nook and cranny of the adventure. Without a drum a rhythm forms, a rather simple yet effective one that sort of lingers in the mind after the piece has ended.

“Something Other Than you Are” has a spellbinding sweetness to it proving Jeremy Parsons to be a truly thoughtful storyteller.