Jordy Shulman talks 'Shadow' and shares new Dua Lipa cover

Jordy Shulman talks ‘Shadow’ and shares new Dua Lipa cover

Jordy Shulman, who you may recognise from our Ones To Watch feature last month, has returned with a compelling acoustic rendition of his track, ‘Shadow‘.

Shulman’s latest offering proves he has something special; a genre-spanning talent that sees the singer able to make his mark on anything he pleases. Whether it be a danceable club-ready cut, like the original, or a stripped back triumphant tear-jerker, Jordy has it covered.

Painting the original with new brushstrokes, ‘Shadow‘ acoustic is undeniably on par. Giving the Boston-based singer’s voice more room to shine, it showcases how powerful his vocal range really is. ‘Shadow‘ acoustic allows the singer to fully unlock and demonstrate the emotions behind the song’s haunting narrative. Watch below.

Speaking about ‘Shadow‘, the Chicago-native said the song was “originally about a guy who hurt me and couldn’t seem to get out of my life; it felt like he was following me and preventing me from moving forward.” The track soon transformed its meaning to focus as an outlet for the singer’s anxiety.

When I sing the song, I don’t need to think about this person that hurt me, but rather empowering myself by embracing the challenges of having anxiety.

In addition to his original, he has taken on Dua Lipa‘s ‘New Rules‘. Again with his trusted guitarist, Evan Linsey, Shulman transforms ‘New Rules‘ into a bluesy affair packed with bright soaring harmonies. Immersing himself in the track, Shulman knows how to push things to boiling point before he drops back and lets it all sink in. Watch ‘New Rules‘ below.

Although singing has always come naturally to the 22-year-old, it wasn’t until a few years ago he began to take writing seriously. Teaming up with musicians and producers alike, he found a contemporary sound that’s helped him express his everyday life through his creative passion.

Channeling a number of inspirations, including John SplithoffBrayton BowmanJoJo and Sam Smith, Jordy released his debut EP, Ribbons, last year and the aforementioned ‘Shadows‘ just last month. Stream below.

To keep up to date with the latest from Jordy Shulman, head over to his social channels below.


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