Junebug’s ‘cut you loose’ showcases indie pop songwriting at its best

Junebug has returned with her newest single ‘cut you loose’, showcasing her narrative lyrics, layered sound and gentle melodies. Although the instrumentation has elements of vulnerability, the lyrics are anything but that. They are a tale of learning and being selfish, in the best possible way. The contrast between the raw emotion of the lyrics and the soft tone in which she sings is essential in the success of the song, tapping into indie pop influences from the get go.

While the refreshingly downtempo nature of the soundscape is relaxing, it almost takes a backseat from the lyrics. This is key in indie pop, showing maturity and extensive songwriting talent. This should be no surprise as Junebug has been writing and playing music around the Boston scene from a young age, this experience is truly coming to the fore in her latest project.

With an EP in the works, 2021 should be an exciting year for Junebug and if ‘cut you loose’ is anything to go by, the EP will be moving, gentle and sharp.

Words by Daniel Phillips

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