LA’s VATTICA ignites the ‘Gasoline’ on new song


Los Angeles alternative act VATTICA has released a new single.

Emotive, ambitious and atmospheric, ‘Gasoline’ is the latest single from the project of Los Angeles based artist and activist Alexander Millar.

VATTICA represents part of the new wave of rock; inspired by the authentic, infectious energy of the iconic, guitar-driven bands of the 90’s, re-imagined through the anthemic pop sensibilities and polarizing political landscape of today.

Led by singer-songwriter Alexander Millar (they/he), VATTICA brings creates an anthemic and atmospheric soundscape, a fitting sonic backdrop to Millar’s queer activism and work as member of Good Trouble Makers, an anti-racist artist collective working internationally.

Following on from 2020 debut EP ‘Believe’, new single ‘Gasoline’ is a formidable and anthemic track, displaying a poignant and captivating hybrid of pop and rock influences, awash with heart.

Catch VATTICA on Tik Tok here.