Lilise turns teenage pain into pop gold with “You Don’t Own Me”

Lilise, the UK’s rising pop sensation, delivers a sonic storm with her latest single, “You Don’t Own Me”. Following the electrifying debut of “Sweeter Than Poison“, Lilise takes her musical journey to new heights, transforming teenage pain into a powerful anthem of resilience and empowerment.

“You Don’t Own Me” stands as an emotional uprising. Lilise ventures into uncharted territory, creating an intense landscape that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of pop music. The acoustic elements, once enchanting and light, now evolve into a raw, unapologetic sound that grabs your attention from the first note. Lilise’s voice echoes like a battle cry, a defiant stand against the struggles and heartaches of youth.

The track also serves as a rebellion against the societal norms that attempt to dictate personal worth.

In her second single, Lilise proves she is not just an artist; she’s the fearless voice of a generation grappling with the complexities of adolescence. Themes of body image, misogyny, love, and heartache weave seamlessly into her acoustic pop sound. Lilise stands as a beacon of authenticity, inviting her audience to embrace their vulnerabilities and find strength in their individuality.

Beyond the rebellious notes of “You Don’t Own Me”, Lilise hints at a forthcoming debut EP. So make sure you follow her if you don’t want to miss the EP release.