Listen to Albin Loán & EKKO's vibrant Summer track 'So We Can Sing'

Listen to Albin Loán & EKKO’s vibrant Summer track ‘So We Can Sing’

Albin Loán is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and music producer whose diverse vocal ability sees him conquering a number of different genres and styles.

The Italian-born artist now resides in Sweden where he is focussing on his music career. With a history of playing the piano, it wasn’t long before Loán turned his strengths to the production side of music. Heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap culture, the rising producer started a rap group with like-minded musicians. In addition to his rap crew performing shows all around Sweden, he began to develop his singing skills and became a well known underground singer for a number of Swedish hip-hop artists.

In his latest track with EKKO, ‘So We Can Sing‘, Loán delivers a truly soulful performance. Themes of young love and nostalgic summer times are prominent, making this new offering the perfect theme tune to these hot summer months. The production is bouncy, current and filled with feel good vibes. Check out the video below.

Albin has been featured in over 100 Swedish rap songs whilst also writing and producing his own tracks. Now with a focus on EDM, Loán has worked with music producers and DJ’s such as Lucas Estrada, Chris Bameri, Le Swedes, Bjorn Silver, Hr Troels & Dem Danes.


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